A Hare Through the Seasons

Hare Info

Type: County Hare

Trail number: 60

Sponsor: North Norfolk District Council

Artist: Artist for GoGoHares 2018 Sarah Reilly


County Trail Hare - To celebrate the glorious British Countryside this hare invites you to walk through the changing seasons enjoying the animals and poems.

The car park for the Holt Country Park is closer to NR25 6SP than the Postcode on Google (which is NR25 6ES).

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Five things to see in Holt Country Park, these can all be seen on the red route - a 1 ¼ mile trail around the park.

Thol - To the front of the Visitor Centre stands Thol. At 11 feet high he is an imposing but friendly character who looks after the woods, after a public competition he was been named Thol (an anagram of Holt). The installation also houses a directional fingerpost finger post to help direct visitors.

Pond – The pond is situated at the south west of the site which forms the beginning of a spring-fed chain of ponds stretching onto the adjacent Holt Lowes SSSI. Water levels fluctuate with seasons but generally, the pond is full by the late spring. The Country Park is the only location in East Anglia where the Keeled Skimmer Dragonfly is found. Other species include Emperor Dragonfly, Norfolk Hawker, Broad Bodied Chaser and the very numerous Common Darter. There is also an abundance of Common toad, Common frog, Palmate, Smooth and Great Crested Newts living and breeding within the park.

Tower - The tower commands views east towards the wider landscape of the Glaven Valley. It was constructed out of timber in the mid-1980’s by a team of volunteers. Since its construction, the views from the top have become obscured because of the growth of the surrounding trees.

Carved men - Various pieces of artwork by several local artists are placed around the Country Park. The carved stile on the boundary with Holt Lowes and totem pole near the play area were the first pieces dating from 1992. Since then many more sculptures have appeared both permanent and temporary. Many sculptures have been created as community projects supervised by local artists.

Arch - Within the Country Park are features which date from the former Holt Lodge Estate period. The path under the archway was once the main drive to the Lodge and was flanked by an avenue of beech trees.

Five things to see in Holt

  1. The Holt Owl Trail –from the High Street, 24 plaques set in walls and pavements reveal stories of Holt’s past and present buildings and inhabitants.
  2. The Yards – lanes, alley and squares – Appleyard, Chapel, Hoppers – home to independent retailers and tea rooms.
  3. Poppy Line - the North Norfolk Railway runs from Sheringham to Holt, finishing around a mile from the town centre.
  4. See the obelisk topped by a pineapple….The High Street obelisk was once a pair of gateposts from Melton Constable Park, distances are measured from there, not Holt.
  5. Much of Holt was rebuilt after a devastating fire in 1708…Georgian architects worked out proportion for the rebuilding, creating today’s harmonious look.


Holt Country Park Car Park NR25 6ES

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