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The world of apps: why is the new UK charity sculpture trail app a hit?

There seems to be an app for everything nowadays. From fitness and food to entertainment and learning, apps are great tools for pretty much anything. But what makes one app a hit and another a miss?
App engagement and popularity relies a lot on what it offers the user — does it encourage socialisation, exercise, learning, or fundraising? One great example of an app that delivers all of these features is the new charity app, GoGoHares. In this article, we’re going to explore what has made it a triumph…

What is GoGoHares?

The GoGoHares app is an entertaining and interactive tool used in the Norwich area to support local charity, Break — which is celebrating its 50th year. Essentially, you can use this app on two main trails: City Hares and County Hares. On the City Hares trail, you use your app map to track down around 50 hare sculptures in the city of Norwich, while on the County Hares trail, users get to explore the wider Norfolk area and locate about 18 hare statues — also called ‘moongazers’ — based across Norfolk.

How does the GoGoHares app work?

Created and developed through a collaboration between digital marketing agency, Mediaworks, and public events company, Wild in Art, the GoGoHares app is designed for users of all ages. All you have to do is download GoGoHares from Google Play or the Apple store, fire up the app map to find each hare sculpture, locate each one, and then put in the code at the base of each statue to unlock it for points and rewards!
The app is an excellent way to get kids and adults moving around and exploring the local area. Plus, it’s great for learning more about where you live and socialising with friends — especially since you can also share your hare-finding success with your peers on social media and vote for the sculpture!

Why has it been so well received?

The GoGoHares activity is running until 8 September, but the app has been a success from the get-go. Not only did it rise to the top spot on the Google Play Paid Educational App chart soon after launching, but it also registered 4,000 unlocked hares only one day after becoming available for download!
But why has it been so successful? This app has multiple good points, from its clean and interactive design to its inclusion of local life and features. For example, each hare statue has been individually designed by artists to pay homage to Norfolk culture and history, which instils a sense of pride in the community, while the involvement of schoolchildren in designing the leveret sculptures has helped encourage awareness and engagement.
Trail-based apps offer a clear goal and narrative. The bonus for users is that apps like these create a ‘journey experience’, allowing the user to work towards a goal and keep a track of their progress, so they can click away and pick up where they left off easily — an essential quality for apps.
Another reason for GoGoHares’ success is its focus on charity. The app was created to celebrate and increase donations for local charity, Break, and £1 from each download goes to the organisation. Giving users a worthwhile reason to engage in an app rather than just for entertainment is a good way to boost downloads and usage, while including rewards and points to collect improves engagement value and gives a goal for users to work towards to increase longevity.

GoGoHares has proven a triumph for all those involved. If you’re into app development and design, asking yourself what positive features your app has and why people will choose it over others in the app download chart are key to success.

Can you spot all the hares around the county of Norfolk in the summer of 2018?

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