Thank you to sponsors ESE Direct

Thank you to ESE the sponsors of GoGo Jack Hareman, one of this summer’s GoGoHares, who were keen that the project went as smoothly as possible, so when they heard about the logistical challenges of transporting the sculptures, especially the deceptively heavy leverets, the team at ESE have been brilliant coming forward with this opportunity to help the team.

ESE have kindly allowed the team to use one of their sack barrows with a long toe plate to get safely underneath the base of the leverets and a platform truck to stand the hares on. Peter and Ellie are planning advance driving lessons to use the trolleys and they are getting great use over the next month collecting and delivering leverets safely.

The added advantage of these trucks are that they are nimble and capable of travelling over uneven ground such as the cobblestones of Norwich as an extra bonus it is bright yellow, so very difficult to lose in the depths of the Hare Lair!

The team are so grateful to so many of the sponsors of this project, helping them deliver it in the most cost effective way ensuring that all the money raised on this project goes straight back into the charity and helping Break by #ChangingYoungLives together.

To find out more about ESE check out their page on the website and their twitter feed @gogohareman

Picture of ESE team with Peter Marron and Martin Green on our MAD HAIR DAY!

Can you spot all the hares around the county of Norfolk in the summer of 2018?

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