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More than 100 people attend GoGoHares launch

Sponsors of the next GoGo fundraising campaign gathered to talk how the project can be an even bigger success than previously.
More than 100 people attended the GoGoHares sponsor launch event at the Hostry in Norwich Cathedral last night, where they could see the first two designs of the statues that will be placed around Norwich and Norfolk in 2018. Artists will be asked to submit designs from early 2017 which will be chosen by the Sponsors. The choices will be made in September 2017.

Following the success of the GoGoGorillas and GoGoDragons, the GoGoHares campaign will aim to raise money for children’s charity Break in its 50th year in 2018.

Richard Smith, of sponsor Norse Group, said: “We loved being involved with gorillas and dragons, and this GoGo project looks like being just as brilliant. Seeing people around Norwich enjoying the trail, engaging with a charity, and helping people meets all our key objectives.”

Can you spot all the hares around the county of Norfolk in the summer of 2018?

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GoGoHares 2018 is presented by Break charity in partnership with Wild in Art
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