Hares how the trails arrive on the day!

Moving 68 hares around the county and city is no mean feat and the team from Break could not do it without a huge amount of help from logistics partner Ridgeons. The team have also had a huge amount of help from Norse Group, David Utting Engineering, Anglia Freight, Rush Removals, ESE Direct and many vount-Hares.

The trails follow the Gorillas in 2013 and Dragons in 2015 and organized by Norfolk children’s charity Break in partnership with Wild in Art

The hares have been located at R G Carter for the last few weeks where a team of installers attached the plaques and the sculptures to the plinths, and gave them a final polish before they set off to their summer locations.

The county hares were delivered a week earlier and installed by the sponsors around the county. The most unusual installations were at Ranworth which arrived by boat and Salhouse where it arrived by Olive and White Moth the Wherrys.

Logistics team Ridgeons provided many volunteers on the day of the install for the city hares and the plans put together by the GoGo team went smoothly and the sun shone.

Martin Hurrell, Head of Region (North) at Ridgeons, said: “Everyone at Ridgeons is incredibly excited to be involved with such an inclusive, fun and family-friendly community project.

“The launch of GoGoHares 2018 has been very successful. Myself and the whole team of volunteers, who gave up their precious free time on a Sunday morning to decorate the streets of Norwich, really feel a keen sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. We were proud to have played an important part in the safe delivery of these magnificent hares.

“One of the main challenges we faced was getting the delivery vehicles into the right position to unload the hares safely, while avoiding damaging any trees, but all our drivers have supported previous trails and were very experienced. The plinths, on which the sculptures were delivered, weighed a whopping 1.25 tonnes, and getting them in the exact position was very important.

“Perhaps the best highlight for us was seeing the first eager hare-hunters waiting for the sculptures to be offloaded at 7.30am in the morning at the Guildhall in St Peters Street.

“We’re confident that GoGoHares will prove be one of the most spectacular public art events Norwich has ever seen. The cultural spectacle will help bring the city to life throughout the summer and should draw what we hope and expect will be record attendances, as it builds on the successes of the GoGoGorillas and GoGoDragons trails in recent years, which we have also previously supported.

“We would like to encourage everyone to get involved with GoGoHares – bring your friends and families to Norwich and enjoy the trails of the unexpected. For now, we will be busy scheduling and planning our support to ensure we complete our task of removing the hares in the very early hours of Sunday, September 9.”


  • 6am-10am on Sunday – pick-up and delivery of the 50 hares, starting from Drayton in Norwich and finishing at Norfolk Snowsports Club, Trowse.
  • Nine volunteers helped in total: Ridgeons branches Norwich, Rocklands and Diss, and a Break charity volunteer.
  • Four HGV vehicles delivered the sculptures on the plinths, plus a van for the internal sculptures which were not fixed to concrete.
  • Every vehicle took two or three trips to deliver their 8-10 sculptures.
  • Most of the sculptures were dropped in by Ridgeons but some had to be manoeuvred with a fork lift truck to move the hard to reach locations by David Utting Engineering.

Michael Rooney, Head of Commercial Services ‘This is the third time that Break have brought a GoGo sculpture trail to the city of Norwich but the first time in the county too. We have been indebted to so many people for their time and energy to help us make this such a smooth process and it makes all the hard work worthwhile when you see the smiles on the faces of the public when they come across each hare’.

On Monday 2ndJuly 164 leverets join the large hares in locations all around the city, some in groups and others in single locations in independent businesses. The GoGoCreate team have worked hard to move this drove of smaller hares to their summer locations with the help from a large group from Neilsen Brandbank, Norse Group and other volunteers recruited through our Volunt-Hare scheme.

Peter Marron, GoGoCreate Co-ordinator ‘Getting 164 leverets out into Norwich has been made possible with so many amazing volunteers and the reward for all the hard work is when you see how many people smile when they see the sculptures arrive in situ.’

Can you spot all the hares around the county of Norfolk in the summer of 2018?

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GoGoHares 2018 is presented by Break charity in partnership with Wild in Art
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