GoGoCreate goes live to the public 2nd July - 2nd September 2018

Design your own leaping leveret that will be displayed in a city trail that will run in parallel with the main GoGoHares trail

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Daisy is one of the first of the leaping leverets

This leaping hare will be joining the main trail in the Summer of 2018! Great fun and very creative!

Pleased to announce our sponsors and partners for this brilliant project

For more information on getting involved as potential sponsor or educator please contact Peter Marron

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The unpainted leveret or young hare

This beautiful hare is looking forward to being decorated and named by you W: 46cm x L: 126cm x H: 104cm



A project for youth groups, schools, scouting, guiding, community, sports groups and many many more!

Leap on board with our adorable leveret during 2017 and help make it a great project in 2018 alongside the larger sculptures.

Click here for our brochure and order form and if you want to sign up to get involved please use the contact page on this website.

Contact Pete Marron our GoGoCreate co-ordinator on m: 07799210401 e: peter.marron@break-charity.org

When you hop on board and sign up to to our GoGoCreate project these are some pointers to help us all make the most out of this project:

  • We will upload your logo and website address on www.gogohares.co.uk with a link through to your website.
  • We actively encourage you to share our logo on your website, follow us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.
  • Please use the GoGoCreate or GoGoHares logo which we will send you and we have also added an email footer if you would like to use that.
  • If you would like to engage with the press, we ask that you send through any press releases to helen.vinsen@break-charity.org first, in order to keep the brand, partnership agreements and messages clear.
  • We may at times be looking for film and photographic opportunities working with schools which we will need consent in advance. We will be in touch if this opportunity arrises, but wanted to alert you to the process.
  • We will endorse any positive messaging towards the project and your involvement, so please engage with our handles on social media. Our hashtag is #GGH18
  • This project is in partnership with Wild in Art and we ask that you use the tag line: GoGoHares 2018 is presented by Break charity in partnership with Wild in Art.

GoGoHares 2018 are brought to Norwich by Break in partnership with Wild in Art

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